Nutritional Counseling

The time is now to rejuvenate your mind and body through diet and nutrition. Let’s work together and reach your optimal health goals.


With over 30 years experience and 5000+ patients treated, Longlife Wellness Nutritional Counseling with Dr. Harvey Eckhart M.S., D.C. is your first step towards reclaiming your birthright of disease-free living.

Getting Started

$175 90min
  • Patient History
  • Health Appraisal Index
  • Diet Diary Analysis
  • Nutritional Supplement Recommendations

Comprehensive Personal Health Assessment

$350 120min
  • Bloodwork Analysis 
  • Non-Toxic Home Recommendations 
  • Nutritional & Dietary Recommendations 
  • Follow-Up Phone Consultation (30min)

3-Month Wellness Intensive

$500 30min Weekly
  • 12 Weekly Progress Calls
  • Nutritional Metabolic Program 
  • Full-Spectrum Lifestyle Makeover
  • Non-Toxic Home Recommendations 
  • Bloodwork Analysis
  • Dietary Recommendations