Color Your Dietary World

Science today is recognizing the important health benefits of natural occurring colors in our diet.Learn the fascinating color correlation between the cornucopia of colors in nature and optimize your family’s health  Recipes and menu planning will be included.

Memory boot camp

Learn how to incorporate daily smart food menus and mental exercises to keep your brain fed and tuned up. Understand the food mood connection and balance  your brain biochemistry.

Ergonomic Workplace Wellness

Prolonged  Sitting has become considered the new smoking when it relates to risk factors in the workplace. Conditions such as Computer Vision Syndrome ,and low back,neck and wrist repetitive injuries are causing functional impairments. This class is a proactive hands on teaching guide to minimizing these health concerns.

Prescriptive Organic Gardening

Growing your own food free of GMO and pesticides will provide  multiple positive influences on your health. Spending time outdoors in nature gives you fresh air Vitamin D from the sun and edible meals at our fingertips

PhysioGymball Instruction

Therapeutic core-stabalizing stretch and strengthening postures engage muscles, tendons, and ligaments to become more elastic resulting in freedom from joint stiffness and inflammation.

Build Healthy Bones Now

Learn a 7-point program to prevent Osteoporosis and maintain healthy connective tissue, ligament and tendons. Utilize the building blocks vitamins minerals essential fatty acids and food groups that stimulate healthy bone building metabolism.