Why Bother With Breakfast?

Why Bother With Breakfast?

Breakfast is a great way to give the body the refueling it needs. Breakfast kick starts the body’s metabolism allowing it to convert the fuel in food to energy. When the metabolism starts moving  the body starts burning calories. Studies have shown that when you skip breakfast you will overcompensate and consume more calories throughout the day. Eventually these high calories can lead to obesity in both children and adults.Dr. Heather Leidy assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at Univ. of Missouri found that eating breakfast especially foods rich in protein like eggs, yogurt, nuts, nut butters increases a brain chemical Dopamine which can help reduce food cravings and overeating later in the day. Those Why participating in her study were young woman with an average age of 19. Those people consuming morning meals and snacks  high in protein  reduce cravings for savory or high fat foods. The researchers believe these results can also apply to the general population.

Throughout the world many cultures consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. Starting in the morning your breakfast options should include low glycemic index carbohydrates like oats buckwheat, amaranth,nutrient dense vegetables and healthy fats,to compliment your protein source. Many countries drink berry smoothies loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and amino acids. Peruvian people enjoy Maca shakes which increases their energy and endurance. In Brazil Acai berry is combined with other fruits and nuts at breakfast. Regular consumption of this superfood increases the metabolic rate reducing their rates of obesity. Incan Berries also grown in South America are exceptionally sweet on the outside with crunchy citrus flavor seeds on the inside.These berries are available in the dried fruit form resembling sultanas. You can combine them  with cacao nibs, goji berries, nuts and seeds to make an excellent trail mix or added to yogurt  for a morning meal.

In Malaysia and Philippines, Moringa leaves are consumed in a daily drink for the antioxidant Zeatin which helps new skin cells grow faster contributing to a youthful appearance.

If you are in a hurry in the morning consider coconut water or coconut milk is an excellent source of electrolytes such as potassium when added in smoothies. Almond milk along with frozen or fresh fruit like blueberries cherries, berries, kiwi, bananas all contain high levels of antioxidants. Gathering these ingredients in only a few minutes provide quality nutrient dense calories combined with whey protein or dairyless sources as well.

Research shows that eating a nutritious breakfast supports learning and academic achievement. An analysis of 1400 California schools determined that students who had a consistent positive breakfast experience also had improved cognitive performance, visual perception and short term memory. Students who eat breakfast report feeling more motivated at school and are more likely to get along with peers. Schools that offer Classroom breakfast experience reported a decrease in absenteeism, tardiness, and disciplinary-suspensions.

During the cold winter months gluten free hot cereals corn, oat, rice with unsweetened fruit toppings provides fiber and minerals and will reduce hunger.

Make breakfast a family meal whenever you can.